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Automation Equipment manufacturer
Assembly automation manufacturer

Welcome to JX Automation, a professional integrated design & manufacturing & sales and Services High-tech Automation Manufacturing in the field of Customization assembly line automation equipment mainly are used for High-speed connectors & Automotive cables and Network transformers etc…where innovation meets industrial excellence. As leaders in bespoke high-speed assembly line automation manufacturer, we take pride in empowering the connectivity sector’s giants like TE, MOLEX, FCI, and Samtec, delivering unparalleled performance in connector and automotive cables manufacturing.



As a leading provider of Assembly Automation solutions, our goal is to address the evolving needs of high-speed connector manufacturers, Fakra cable producers, RF cable experts, and electronic transformer specialists. The manufacturing landscape is shifting, and your business deserves nothing less than cutting-edge technology to stay at the forefront of innovation.


Imagine a world where your production line is not just faster, but smarter — where precision is not an ideal, it’s a routine. Our customized assembly automation solutions are the key to unlocking unmatched proficiency in your manufacturing processes. We understand your quest for perfection, the need for cost-effective production, and the ever-growing demand for quality. High-speed connector assembly requires precision at an unfathomable pace. With our state-of-the-art automation, you can increase your output while reducing human error to near zero.


Are Fakra cables a crucial part of your business? Let’s transform the intricate process of cable assembly. Our systems tailor to the delicate nature of Fakra cables, ensuring each twist and turn is executed flawlessly. RF cable manufacturers also stand to gain considerably. Signal integrity is the lifeline of RF cables, and our automation solutions ensure that every cable meets the stringent standards your clients expect.


Serving the needs of electronic transformer manufacturers, we bring to the table a breed of automation that adapts to the unique challenges of transformer assembly. We provide solutions that integrate seamlessly with your current processes, boosting your efficiency while scaling your output to meet the demands of a highly competitive market.


Now, envision your plant operating at its full potential, with minimized downtime, and a throughput that will set a new benchmark within your niche. Fewer errors. Less waste. Your commitment to quality doesn’t have to be a compromise on volume.


Let’s initiate the journey towards transforming your assembly line into the powerhouse of the future. Contact us today for a personalized automation walkthrough and see firsthand how our technology can revolutionize the way you manufacture. It’s time to lead the charge in your industry and redefine the standards of production excellence. Your search for the ultimate assembly automation partner ends here. Send us an inquiry and let’s embark on this transformative journey together.

Product Highlight:
Our custom-designed assembly automation systems are engineered to transcend the ordinary, integrating cutting-edge technology to enhance productivity, accuracy, and reliability. Embark on a journey of transformative efficiency with our solutions, specifically optimized for high-speed connector manufacturers who demand nothing short of excellence.

Our High speed assembly line automation  can help High Speed Connectors & Automotive cable manufacturers work more efficiently. It can cut, strip, crimp, and solder wires, and assemble harnesses automatically, meaning that less manual labor is required. This leads to shorter manufacturing times, which can help save money and time.

Automation equipment has several advantages, such as consistent quality. The automated process ensures that each unit produced is of the same high standard, limiting variations in quality. This means that products will be more reliable, and customers will be happier with their purchases.

Our workshop environment

we integrated R & D, sheet metal, machining, vibration bowl feeder, assembly, electronic control programming, visual inspection, and so on integration of all in-house manufacturing, high efficiency and coordination of comprehensive and rapid to meet the needs of customers in the market as the goal!

High Speed Assembly line automation solutions R&D process

High speed Assembly line automation R&D process
High speed Assembly line automation R&D process

Why you shoud trusted JX Automation for High speed assembly line Automation

Quick response, service  f i rst:

  • Stability of Employees:

    In our company, work for more than 5 years of employees accounted for 60%, the technical team, from the debugging technicians to design engineers, is far more than 5 years of experience in various industries.

  • Automatic production equipment:

    Adoption modular design mechanism, debugging is easier & change over is faster.

  • Concentration:

    From beginning to end, focus on High-speed connector & automotive cables & Network Transformers etc…

After Sales Services

After-sales service and training solutions:

  1. Provide online and remote video training services,24 hours online
  2. Provide standard parts list and drawings
  3. Provide drawings of spare parts

Alert Response Plan:

  1. Response within 2 hours
  2. Provide a solution within 24 hours
  3. Arrive at the customer site within 48 hours (if have business Visa)

After-sales service customer satisfaction survey:

  1. Opened a special e-mail address for the CEO to investigate the overall work status of the business, design, after-sales service engineers, etc.

What is impacted for high speed assembly line automation

assembly line automation has a significant impact on connector and automotive cables manufacturers. By automating the assembly line, manufacturers can achieve higher production rates, reduce labor costs, and improve product quality. Automation also enables manufacturers to produce more complex products with greater precision and accuracy, which can lead to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

In addition, automation can help manufacturers reduce waste and improve sustainability by optimizing material usage and reducing energy consumption. By streamlining the production process, manufacturers can also reduce lead times and improve delivery times, which can help them stay competitive in the market.

Overall, assembly line automation is a powerful tool for connector and automotive cables manufacturers to improve their production efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance product quality. If you are interested in learning more about how automation can benefit your business, I recommend consulting with our Assembly line automation tech team in the field.

Which types High Speed Assembly Line Automation suitable for your production in demands

  1. Connector manufacturing factories can choose different types of  assembly Automation according to their actual needs and budgets, the following is a description of the three types of connector assembly machines:   

Manual Connector assembly machine

manual connector assembly machine
manual connector assembly machine

 the operator manually carries out the assembly operation of all connector components, such as inserts, pins, housings, etc., on the workbench. Manual assembly requires a high level of skill, so this type of assembly equipment is usually suitable for low-volume or small-scale production lines. The advantage of manual assembly is that the cost of equipment is lower, but because of its lower productivity, manual operation error is larger, can not guarantee the stability of product quality, so it may be difficult to gain a competitive advantage in the competitive market.

Semi-automated assembly machine

Semi-automatic wire harness pre-treatment assembly machine
Semi-automatic cable harness pre-treatment assembly machine

this type of assembly equipment will be part of the assembly process to complete assembly equipment to complete, such as automatic feeding, automatic crimping, and so on, and the operator to cooperate with the completion of the connector combination. Semi-automated assembly helps to improve production efficiency, reduce human error, while the cost of equipment relative to manual assembly slightly increases. This assembly machine is suitable for medium production, productivity needs are not very high in production lines, with a certain guarantee of productivity and product quality, suitable for small and medium-sized production requirements.

Fully automatic assembly Machine line

high speed connector wire harness assembly machine line
Fakra cable assemblies automated assembly machinery line

 the entire assembly process is completely undertaken by the machine, the operator is only responsible for loading and unloading. Fully automated assembly equipment can effectively realize high-precision, high-speed, low-error assembly, suitable for high production capacity, high production efficiency and product quality requirements of the production line. Although the initial investment is high, the advantages of high-efficiency production, good product quality and lower labor cost brought by fully automated assembly equipment can realize a high return on investment. Fully automated assembly connector assembly machine in the current competitive market environment, especially in the field of industrial concentration has a greater market advantage.

High Speed Assembly line automation solutions applications

Imagine the growth and success your business will achieve by incorporating our assembly line automation into your production process. You’ll be able to produce high-quality products at a faster rate, giving you a competitive edge in the market. Plus, our machines are backed by our exceptional customer support and after-sales service, ensuring a seamless experience from start to finish.

 By implementing assembly automation, industries can achieve significant improvements in productivity, quality, cost-efficiency, and competitiveness. Some of the key industries that benefit from assembly automation include:

At our company, we have developed an automated assembly line meticulously tailored to meet the specific production needs of DDR memory cards, DDR Sockets,  High speed backplane connectors, high-speed connectors, card edge connectors, high-speed board-to-board connectors, battery connectors, Fakra connectors, Fakra cable assemblies, Mini Fakra cable assembly, HSD cable assemblies, Ethernet connector assembly machinery manufacturing line etc.. high speed connecotors & cable assemblies. Our expertise lies in utilizing innovative technology to streamline the manufacturing process, ensuring efficiency, precision, and consistent quality that meets industry standards

High Speed Cable Assembly line Automation solutions

cable assembly manufacturers
Fakra Coaxial Cable Automated assmbly line

More than a decade of providing unrivaled expertise and innovative technical excellence to coaxial and differential connector manufacturers worldwide.

As a buyer in the high-speed connector industry, you know the importance of fast, efficient and reliable processes to meet growing demand. Our solutions not only enable you to automate your production lines, but also to overhaul them to ensure you maintain a competitive edge. With over a decade of experience at the forefront of the connector industry, our customized high-speed connector and cable assembly automation solutions have taken leading coaxial and differential connector manufacturers to new levels of productivity and innovation. Join our satisfied customer base and give your factory the upgrade it deserves.

We consider every aspect from raw material handling to the final assembly of precision high-speed connector products. Our end-to-end automation solutions for a wide range of connectors ensure that you stay ahead of the curve in this fast-moving market. Below are just a few examples of the various assembly equipment we handle:

Fakra connector assembly line automation solutions
Mini Fakra connector assembly line automatioin solutions
High Speed Data (HSD) Connector Assembly Line automation solution

Automated assembly line solution for electric vehicle charging cables
Ethernet Connector assembly line Automation solution
High-speed backplane connector assembly lines and more…
Beyond compatibility, our industry-leading expertise and cutting-edge technology translates into advanced manufacturing solutions that ensure optimal efficiency and return on investment.

Our customized Fakra cable assembly line automation solutions don’t just streamline your connector assembly process, they transform it. By reducing labor costs, minimizing waste, and maximizing overall productivity, our state-of-the-art equipment allows you to not only keep up with the competition, but to outperform them.

It’s time to take your connector manufacturing to the next level. Contact us today to work with our team of experts and learn how our state-of-the-art custom automated assembly lines and solutions can revolutionize your high-speed connector and cable assembly process. We will work closely with you to understand your needs and provide customized solutions to meet your specific requirements and goals. Our technical team will work with you to ensure the successful implementation of your solution and provide training and support to help you get the most out of our equipment and technology. Take action today and work with us to realize breakthrough assembly efficiencies and innovations in connector manufacturing.

High Speed connector assembly line automation

Fakra Cable Connector Automation Assembly Line
Automotive connector & cables automated assembly line

The concept of an Automotive High speed Connectors & Cable assemblies Components fully Automatic high speed connector Assembly Line automation solution due to the significant benefits it brings to the manufacturing process. The technology’s capabilities of increasing productivity, improving precision, and reducing errors are particularly appealing. With the automation of critical processes, the assembly line has the potential to elevate our manufacturing capabilities to new heights.

By incorporating an Automotive high speed Connectors & Cable assembly Components Assembly Line automation into your production facility, you can achieve your riad of advantages. Enhanced efficiency and productivity would allow you to meet increasing demand promptly, minimize production lead times, and optimize output. The potential cost savings resulting from reduced labor requirements and increased throughput are also highly desirable.
Additionally, the automation of assembly processes promises to elevate the quality of our products significantly. The precise robotic arms and advanced inspection mechanisms integrated into the assembly line would ensure consistent and accurate assembly of connectors. This would result in improved product integrity, customer satisfaction, and a competitive edge in the market.

This machine can be used for High speed connectors & cables such as, Fakra cable assemblies, Mini fakra connector automatic assembly line, HSD Connector assembly line, Ethernet connector automated assembly line, EV Chargers cable  assembly line automation etc…

3C consumer electronics Automated assembly line automation

connector automated assembly line
High speed Connectors assembly Machinery Manufacturing line
connectors assembly machine line
Connector assembly machinery manufacturing line
high-speed connectors and cable assemblies machinery assembly line Automation solutions, the advantages and potential of such technology. Implementing an automated assembly line offers the opportunity to revolutionize production processes, streamline efficiency, and enhance the overall quality of connector manufacturing.

jxautomated.com over 15 years offer Connector Assembly  Line for DDR5, DDR Sockets,  High speed Backplane connector, high-speed connector, card edge connector, Fakra connector assembly, Board to board connector, battery connector, SFP, QSFP, Cable assembly line & customized assembly machinery automation solutions etc…

1. Terminal connectors: Small, metallic connectors are used for connecting wires to various components.

2. Wire-to-wire connectors: Connectors that join two wires together, often used in harnesses.

3. Wire-to-board connectors: Connectors that attach wires to printed circuit boards (PCBs).

4. Board-to-board connectors: Connectors that link two PCBs together.

5. Waterproof connectors: Connectors with a sealed design to protect against water and moisture.

6. High-voltage connectors: Connectors are designed to handle high voltage levels, often used in electric vehicles.

7. High-current connectors: Connectors are designed to handle high current levels, often used in power distribution systems.

8. Data connectors: Connectors used for data transfer, such as USB or HDMI.

Home Appliance assembly line automation

Enhance efficiency, reduce labor costs, and ensure consistent quality in the production of appliances, toys, and furniture. Our home Electronics  appliance Assembly line automation technology is the key to increasing consumer satisfaction and establishing a strong market presence.

consumer goods assembly automation
Electronic assembly machinery Assembly line Automation
connector assembly machine
Customized Assembly machinery Assembly line Automation

Medical Devices assembly line automation

Medical Devices automatic assembly line
Medical Devieces Automated assembly line

Quality standards and regulations are of paramount importance in the production of medical devices. With our Medical Devices assembly line automation & solutions, you can ensure consistent quality and compliance while minimizing the risk of contamination and human error. Put patient safety and satisfaction at the center of your production process.

Medical dives assembly machinery manufacturing line

Transformers inspection assembling testing packaging Assembly line automation

Transformer assembly line automation is a cutting-edge technology that is transforming the transformer manufacturing industry. With the help of automated systems like robotic arms, conveyors, and other technologies, manufacturers can streamline the transformer assembly process, reduce errors and defects, and minimize manual labor costs.

One of the main advantages of transformer assembly automation is that it significantly improves production rates. Automated systems can work faster and more accurately than human workers, allowing manufacturers to produce more transformers in less time. This can lead to increased efficiency, reduced lead times, and improved profitability.

Another benefit of transformer assembly machinery automation is that it minimizes the risk of errors and defects. Assembling transformers manually requires a high degree of skill and attention to detail, which can result in errors and defects. With automated systems, manufacturers can program machines to perform specific tasks with high precision, reducing the likelihood of mistakes. This can lead to improved quality control, increased reliability, and reduced repair costs.

In addition to improving production rates and reducing errors, transformer assembly automation can help manufacturers save money on labor costs. With machines doing the bulk of the work, fewer workers are needed to assemble transformers, leading to lower labor costs and increased profitability.

Furthermore, transformer assembly automation is essential for meeting the growing demand for transformers in industries such as renewable energy. As the demand for transformers continues to rise, manufacturers need to find ways to increase their production rates while minimizing costs. Transformer assembly automation offers a way to achieve these goals, making it an essential technology for the future of transformer manufacturing.

In conclusion, transformer assembly automation is a game-changing technology that offers many benefits to transformer manufacturers. With improved production rates, reduced errors and defects, and lower labor costs, manufacturers can stay ahead of the competition and meet the growing demand for transformers in various industries. Contact us today to learn more about how our transformer assembly automation technology can help improve your manufacturing process.

assembly machine production line
Transformer Assembly machinery manufacturing line
transformer assembly automation

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At JX Automation, we tailor each project to your specific needs, collaborating closely with you to bring your unique vision to life. Experience the difference of personalized automation solutions!

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Using Jxautomted was 100% worth it. My original supplier had a production delay so I used Jxautomated to help me find a new solution quickly. Jxatuomated has strict production follow-up management that can solve quality issues to avoid risks. That saved me time and money. I am very happy with the work that was performed.

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Trusted factory equipment manufacturer. I worked with Peter for the last year to analyze assembled product process solutions. Always offer assembly automation equipment of trusted quality 2 orders this year and plan on more next year.

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