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When assembling board-to-board connectors for non-standard automation equipment, you need to pay attention to the following important matters:

Board to board connectors automatic assembly line
Board to board connector

Size and mechanical fit: Ensure that the size, shape and mechanical design of the selected board-to-board connector matches the requirements of the equipment. Ensure that the connector is well adapted to the board, slot or connection port of the equipment to ensure a solid connection and reliable signal transmission.

Electrical parameters: Understand the electrical parameters of the connector, including current carrying capacity, voltage rating, signaling rate, etc.. Ensure that the rated parameters of the connector meet the needs of the equipment to avoid overload and signal interference.

Environmental adaptability: Consider the connector’s operating conditions in the equipment environment, such as temperature, humidity, vibration and corrosion and other factors. Select connectors with appropriate environmental adaptability to ensure their reliability and durability during equipment operation.

Mechanical strength: Evaluate the mechanical strength and shock resistance of the connector, especially for equipment exposed to high mechanical stresses such as vibration and shock. Select connectors with sufficient mechanical strength and stability to ensure that they will not loosen or break during equipment operation.

Maintainability and ease of replacement: Consider the maintainability and ease of replacement of connectors. Select connectors that are easy to install and remove for maintenance and replacement to minimize downtime and repair costs.

Compliance with standards and certifications: Ensure that the selected connector meets applicable industry standards and certification requirements, such as accreditation by testing and certification organizations for connector reliability, safety and compliance.

It is important to communicate and confirm in detail with connector suppliers based on specific application and equipment requirements. They can provide recommendations and solutions for your particular application to ensure the selection and application of suitable board-to-board connectors for non-standard automation equipment assembly.

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