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15+yrs Professional High-speed connectors & Fakra Cable assemblies automated assembly line & solutions

DDR Sockets assembly line

DDR Series automation production assembly line1

DDR5 fully automatic production line

JXAutomted offer assembly testing inspection packing processing for ddr5 manufacturers.

Mainly used for,

        Suitable for: Strip terminal plugs. Such as DDR5, PCI, BTB and other slot products; stable and fast.

Equipment Introduction :
– Share DIP and SMT products

– Includes Socket/Attachment and Grounding Plate/Electrical Measurement, Laser Printing, Mylar, CCD Inspection, Lower Hole Plate and Soft Disk Shared Packaging;

– The three parts of the split/attachment and grounding plate/electrical measurement, Laser Printing, Mylar CCD Detection, Lower Hole board and soft hard dist;

– For SMT-type products, terminal riveting is equipped with a separate parameterized adjustment of press-in depth.


Utilization rate >90% L/T60~80days
Yield>97% Air pressure5~8Kgf/cm²
Output1.8~2.5s/pcsVoltageAV 220V
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