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As over 15 years transformer automation equipment solution manufacturer, when designing transformer equipment, it is important to consider specific requirements such as the type, reliability, and performance of the transformer. Planar transformers have several advantages over other types of transformers, including a low profile, better cooling, low leakage, and excellent repeatability of properties. The temperature rise in a transformer must be below the maximum allowable value, and the core losses can be approximated as a function of frequency, peak flux density, and temperature. The maximum allowed value for flux density depends on the transformer type and topology. The winding turns must be distributed symmetrically, and the thickness of copper layers should be chosen wisely to avoid temperature rise. A distance of 400 µm through PCB material is required for mains insulation between primary and secondary winding if safety standards like IEC 950 demand it.

Working with experienced suppliers who can provide cost-effective and customized solutions is crucial to avoid risks associated with automation equipment. Customers can benefit from automated production expertise that results in more cost-efficient, reliable, and higher-quality components. The advantages of automation equipment include increased productivity, reduced labor costs, improved quality control, and enhanced safety. The automation equipment must include assembly, testing, packaging, and other processes that provide cost-effective and customized solutions. Therefore, it is important to work with experienced suppliers who can provide customized solutions to mitigate risks associated with automation equipment.JX Automation is to provide cost-effective & customized automation solutions

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